YouTube Core Training

Grow an Authentic Channel with Engaging Videos

Turn your dreams of creating a YouTube channel into a reality with Jeven Dovey who grew his love of adventure filmmaking into a channel with +1M subscribers and counting!

What are people saying

I appreciate this class, I've been doing YouTube content for over 5 years and I've often struggled with some of the concepts that Jeven covered in this video. For me it was good to go back and review these topics and then apply it with my "current" understanding. There is a lot of nuances and I think if you're having trouble or missing your own "mark" that reviewing and taking this course could be very helpful.


Duane Ellison

Great course Jeven, you gave awesome advise when I was too concerned for what type of videos should I make.


Gabo Remes

I really like the way Jeven produced the course. Each video was packed with concise information. Everything was to the point and no words wasted. There is alot you will learn after viewing all the modules from this course. Its a great jumpstart from not knowing how to create a video to creating great quality social media video content.


Kurt Solano

Learn YouTube

  1. The Basics  How YouTube works and how your videos get seen.

  2. The Research: From here we dive into some new ways to think about coming up with the ideas for your content

  3. Creating can be a Career: YouTube can become a full time career.

  4. Branding: We'll dive into the important things you need to consider for your channel

  5. Start Right Now: We go through everything you need to get started today!