Make Money Selling Stock Footage

A Step By Step Guide to Getting Paid With your Footage


My Stock Crash Course teaches you the steps you need to take to start earning an income off of any camera even the one in your smartphone. 

The world is demanding more and more video content. Companies are turning to stock footage sites to get the shots they need to produce their videos. Your camera is a tool and you should put it to work to build additional income off of what you love to do.

What are people saying

I am not a professional, but I do like filmography; the stock footage is an opportunity to improve myself and keep going.... and if i can make some money out of it ...why not? The course is well structured and the material offered helps a lot (thanks Jeven!) ... and for that price it is absolutely worth it.


Michele Olla

I've been considering submitting stock footage for the past year. Now i'm going to do it .


Andy Woodruff

I found the course well structured and very informative which is something I highly appreciate in this type of courses. It gave me the first push into Stock World and here am I - up to come up with my own brand name and start selling the stuff lying on my hard drives for years.


Boyan Lyubenov

Learn to Sell Stock Footage

  1. Stock Footage Basics: I take you through all the things you need to know to start selling stock footage.

  2. Shooting & Editing For Stock: You'll learn what is sellable and what you should be shooting.

  3. Getting it Sold: We take you through all the steps and how to edit and get your footage online.


If you have a camera that shoots 1080p footage then you can start uploading footage right now. Doesn’t matter if its your smartphone or a cinema camera. You just need to know how to use your camera so that you can create sellable shots