Learn all the settings of your camera and how they control your footage


The Key To Better Footage is Filming in Manual

Understanding your camera will make you confidant every time you press record. Once you can master the technical aspects of a camera then you can focus on what you're filming vs how you're filming it.

This class will teach you everything you need to get started with your camera for making videos. We will explore all the settings and tools that you have on all cameras. The goal is to have a clear understanding on how to control your exposure and color when using any camera.

What are people saying

Finally a better understanding of Camera settings for ISO, Aperture and Exposure etc from Jeven. Also will recommend his Youtube Channel. So much great educational information there.


Daniel Arixi

I have watched SOO many videos trying to get this down and honestly, I technically "know" this stuff, but its just not "clicking" for some reason. He gave great examples and explained a few things a bit differently, and I feel as though Im STARTING to get it lol I really just need to go out and practice, which I already knew, but the way he explained white balance helped things just "click" a lot more! Thanks so much!


Christina DePino

I've been doing filmmaking for years and still found some very useful information in here. Great teaching, informative and to the point. If I had watched this when I started out filmmaking, it would have saved me tons of time.


Alex Arevalo

Understand Your Settings

Controlling Exposure

What is the exposure triangle and what is the dual functions each one of these settings has?

Proper Color

What is proper white balance? Lets get good looking shots vs footage that is too blue or too orange.

Frame Rates & Resolution

What settings should you use before you press record?


How can your camera impact the look and feel of your videos.


Can’t forget about audio. You need to understand what you can do in camera to get clean audio.

Cinematic Settings

With each setting on your camera you have a choice. I'll go through the suggestions on how to get the most cinematic footage using your cameras settings

Here's a Sample Lesson from the Course