How To Grow a 6 Figure YouTube Channel


In 2016 I uploaded my first YouTube video and now I'm a Full Time Creator getting paid to travel the world and tell Adventure Stories.

Let me teach you all the skills I've learned so YOU can create awesome videos and build your own future as a Creator.

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Resources & Recommended Tools

For products & services I use & recommend I create affiliate links where possible and may earn a commission.

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YouTube Growth & Optimization

The Tool I use to help keyword research and grow my channel


TubeBuddy is a complete suite of tools for YouTubers. I’ve been using them for years to find topics and keywords to target so that I can rank #1 on YouTube & Google. Also a great tool to compare channels and deal with everyday management of my channel as a solo creator.

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Stock Music Library

Huge Library of stock music to use in any project


Epidemic is a perfect resource to get all your music for your YouTube channel. To be monetized you need to have music that has been licensed properly. Epidemic makes it easy so you only have to pay a single fee and then get access to 1000’s of music tracks to use in your videos

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Productivity & Organization

Software that organizes my business & To Do lists


Notion is a 2nd brain that allows you to build databases with tons of information organized in a way that you can access everything you need to know about a project fast. I keep track of all my to do lists, past videos and current projects in on place.