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A LUT pack bundle designed for Creators that want a Cinematic look. Perfect for Outdoor, Aerial, Travel & Adventure Footage

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Designed For EVERY Camera

This pack of LUTs was created to work with all types of footage and with any camera.  There are multiple styles of LUTs that you get with this pack to fit any filming scenario 

How Do These LUTS Work with any Camera?

Filming in a LOG Profile

When filming in a LOG profile there are two ways to color grade using these LUTS.  

Step 1: Use a Conversion LUT.  These are designed for specific cameras and bring your LOG footage to a Normal look with contrast and saturation

Step 2: Use a Creative LUT.  Now that your footage has a "Normal" look you apply the Creative LUT which will give your footage a unique style and cinematic look.

Option: I also have created "Quick Grades" which take out this two step process.  You apply a quick grade and it instantly brings your footage from LOG to a Creative Look.

Filming in a NORMAL Profile

If you are using a smartphone or you don't want to go through the hassle of filming in a LOG profile then you can add a creative look directly onto your footage. You don't need to use a camera conversion LUT to start.  

Adventure Looks Collection

These are the LUTs I use for all my videos.  Each one was developed while I was creating an adventure video and now they are what I use for all my YouTube Videos.

There is a mix of styles that I built these for while filming on icy mountains, in dark green jungles and bright sunny desert landscapes.

Give your videos a unique look with these LUTs

  • Save time editing and spend more time shooting

  • Works with any Edit Software that allows you to add LUTs onto your footage

  • Tested on a wide range of footage

Cinematic Aerial Collection

This LUT pack is a collection of my best, most used LUTs to grade your drone footage in a matter of minutes.

  • Edit quicker by using a Creative LUT

  • Save time editing by matching shots faster and creating a unified look

  • Tested on a wide range of Drone footage from DJI drones both old and new

  • All these LUTs work on non-drone footage as well! 

Camera Conversions

Color grading is a 2 step process. 

  1. Fix your LOG footage to a base look using a Conversion LUT.

  2. Add a Creative Look LUT.  

This LUT pack includes conversion LUTs to go from LOG to REC709.  These also can be used as standalone LUTs for a quicker workflow

  • SLOG 3 Conversions

  • D-LOG-M Conversions

  • D-LOG-M Pocket 3 Conversions

  • D-LOG Conversions

  • Apple ProRes Conversions

What are people saying

This is my first experience with LUTs. Jeven's youtube videos showed me he knows what he's talking about and these LUTs have improved my footage by a lot. I like that there's a LUT for just dlog conversion. So if you're not looking for a specific look, you cant at least boost your image quality by a lot.


Peter G

My first LUT pack, easy to use and of great output. This was the upgrade that I needed for my footage!


Francesca S

This LUT pack is what I’ve been looking for for a while now! I mainly shoot still photography and occasionally shoot video. I’ve spent hours in FCP trying to learn how to color grade my footage to match my photography and never really got it quite right. These LUTS have given me a great starting point with lots of differ scenes and looks that I coRead more about review stating Huge time save and couldn't achieve on my own. Thank you Jeven!


Jesse D

BONUS ($99 value)

This LUT Pack comes with my CREATIVE COLOR GRADING Masterclass. 

Learn all the tools of Color Grading so you have a complete understanding of how these LUTs work and how to use them on your footage.

See How to use these LUTs

Grading your footage from scratch can take a lot of time especially when you’re dealing with LOG footage. It can leave you frustrated and you’ll spend less time on the edit.

These LUTs have been designed to be added with or without the conversion LUT so that within a few seconds you can capture the look and feel you want out of the scene.

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Explorer Creator LUTs

62 x LUTs

+ LUT Training Videos

Bonus Course:


What is Included?


There is 12 ADVENTURE LOOKS that you can choose from:

  • Boulder

  • Catalina

  • Costa Rica

  • Eureka

  • India

  • La Paz

  • Laguna

  • Orange Teal

  • Puebla

  • San Fransisco

  • Rwanda

  • Angoon

  • Rainier


There is 9 DRONE LUTS that you can choose from:

  • Belize

  • Utah

  • Big Bear

  • Chaing Mai

  • Hollywood

  • Mammoth

  • Orizaba

  • Shasta

  • Yucca


Included is LOG to REC 709 conversion LUTS. These will give your Log footage instant contrast and saturation without adding a creative look.

These can be used as a stand alone look or you can combine them with any of the creative looks to find the best color for the scene you're filming

Each conversion has 3 versions.  -1, 0, +1

  • SLOG 3 Conversions

  • D-LOG-M Conversions

  • D-LOG-M (Pocket 3) Conversions

  • D-LOG Conversions

  • Apple ProRes Conversions 


I've created Quick Grades for DJI POCKET 3 D-LOG-M Footage.  These save time by combining a Conversion LUT with a Creative Look.

Just add a Quick Grade to your Pocket 3 D-LOG-M footage and its instantly graded.


I've graded a special Quick Grade for each LUT and tweaked it to work perfectly with S LOG 3 Footage.

These save time by not needing to do a conversion or any addtional editing when adding them on to your footage. Just add an S LOG 3 look and its instantly graded.

Edited SLOG 3 Cine Gamma 3 Footage

BONUS  ($99 value)

This pack includes my CREATIVE COLOR GRADING course.  

This masterclass takes you through the entire process of how to color grade from LOG to a finished creative look.  

In 22 lessons I take you through all the tools that you can use when working on your footage.   This is the perfect companion to these LUTs so you'll be able to tweak and modify your look even further. 

This course normally sells for $99.