Learn the entire process to fix footage and create creative color grades.


What You're Going To Learn

Color Grading can completely change the look and feel of your videos. You can transport the viewer into a scene and change the emotion just with a few simple tweaks to your color.

This course will teach you everything you need to get started with Color Grading. We will explore all the tools that are available on most editing software and I’ll break down how you can push your colors around in a scene to transform it.

What are people saying

A great and information-rich class. It will take me a few reviews of the material and a lot of practice to get where I want to be with respect to color grading. That being said he presents the material in such a way that you can take color grading to whatever level suits your needs. I like Jevon's direct style of delivering information in all of his courses. Highly recommend the class.


Ted Thompson

Great video and audio quality, good job creating a logical flow of information.


Luke Parr

Excellent course. I am experienced at color grading and still found useful tips and tricks. (I use Premiere, not FCP but it didn't matter. The concepts transferred.) Well presented, engaging, good pacing and length, as well as applicable examples and techniques to demonstrate each concept. Very much appreciated.


Corbin A.

Color Correcting to Color Grading

  • What is Color Grading - We’ll go over the basics of the concept of Color Grading and some things you need to look out for when approaching a color grade

  • The Tools - There are multiple tools that affect different parts of your image. I go through each one of these in detail so you know how each tool works and how you can use it for your grade

  • Step by Step Examples - I show you step by step how I do multiple color grades using all the tools and walk you through some different techniques so that you can find your best workflow for you color grades.

Any Software

In this course I am using Final Cut Pro for all my demonstrations, however, most of these tools are available in other editing softwares.