6 Step Formula to a Successful YouTube Channel


Honestly, it’s overwhelming.  As a YouTube creator you’re being pulled in a million different directions.  From coming up with ideas, to filming, to editing, to channel strategy and running the whole business…

It’s a never ending time suck and it’s hard to know if you’re actually putting effort on the right things so that you can grow the audience you want and build an engaged community

Thats Why I created this 6 Step YouTube Formula

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YouTube doesn't have to feel overwhelming. You can Turn Your Passion into a full time career!

Imagine This...

  1. You create a New video and within minutes you see the views take off.  Your notifications are blowing up with new comments about how much they love the content

  2. You look into your analytics and the Algorithm is giving you a boost and your Ad Revenue is going up, up and up 

  3. You check your email and suddenly your email inbox is blowing up with new sponsors knocking on your door


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"6 Step Formula to a Successful YouTube Channel"

In this course, you’ll:

 Find Direction

Figure out your niche and create a plan on which videos are perfect for your unique situation 

Get Consistent

You're going to find a solid posting schedule that aligns with the time you have to work on your channel

Know What Works

Build content that attracts and authentic community that is excited to watch all your videos and also buy from you. 

Master the Algorithm

Understand how the YouTube algorithm works and knowing exactly what videos to make to see month-over-month growth.  

Create a Channel that with True Growth

(not the distractions like algorithm hacks, get rich quick or scammy methods for growing a channel)

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A Look inside the 6 Step Formula

Module 1: Learning How YouTube works

Before we get into the YouTube climb we need to plan the route.  In this first module we go over how the platform works and also we explore how to create a brand out of the topic you’re interested in

Module 2: Six Part YouTube Formula

In this section we go through the mile high view of how we're going to grow our channel and really dig into ideas for content and formats for your videos

Module 3: Research

Coming up with ideas can be difficult at times especially when you're making weekly content.  This goes through a system I use to never run out of ideas

Module 4: How to Create YouTube videos

This section we go through how you structure a youtube video and everything you need to know about outlines and scripting

Module 5: The Upload Process

With every upload the video is only part of the process.  You need to make clickable titles, thumbnails and you need to make sure all your metadata is correct to achieve your goals

Module 6: Analyzing Analytics

Once you're video is out there for the world to see you're going to get a ton of data back in the YouTube studio.  I'll show you how to analyze all this data and a way to structure your strategy that will supercharge your youtube channel

Module 7: Money Making Tactics

Building a business around your content is super important if you want to be able to dedicate more time to creating or even become a full time Creator.  We go through some different methods to make money with your videos and some strategies on how to structure your brand.

Module 8: Creator Goals and Mental Health

The biggest thing with everything you're doing is having a direction and being able to sustain it over a long period of time.  This section we dive into the importance of goals and your mental health.

Bonus: Mistakes to Avoid

After you have gone through all the training I have one last section that goes through the biggest mistakes creators make and what to avoid on your channel.

What Creators Are Saying

"This biggest thing Jeven has done for us is the inspiration when we were getting started. He showed us that we can do it. Also he made it so easy to understand how to use my camera and lights!"

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Tony Jeffries

"Jeven is THE MAN!!! Always giving the REAL help to the YouTube community! Jeven helped my channel gain 1000+ followers in my short time on YouTube! Always grateful! Let's grow together, everyone!"

Jacob Carr,
Jacob Carr

"It's one thing to have these courses that made starting simple and easy. But having the access to Jeven upgraded the efficiency and quality of my content instantly!"

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Mike Karpenko

"I just wanted to say thank you cause you helped me a lot with setting up my own channel, now It's my turn to inspire the people on earth and make a positive difference!"

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"Congratulations my friend, your videos helped me a lot to start my small channel, thank you!!!"

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Author Position

Your expertise and knowledge were incredibly helpful AND you were a blast to work with.  I really can't think you enough!

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Jenni DP

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So, You've Got Some Questions....

How will I access the course?

This course was built on the platform that has a very similar feeling to a Netflix style of experience.  You will be able to watch it online or you can download the Creator Film School app on either ISO or Android from the App Store.  Once you login you’ll be able to go through each of the video sections at your own pace. 

When can I start?

Right now!  I don’t put a fake time limit that only lets you access this course certain times of the year.  As soon as your payment is processed you’ll be able to login and jump into the first module. 

If I take this course will I gain 1 million subscribers?

In the world of YouTube there is no guarantees but having the knowledge of how the platform works and what content gets views is half the battle.  Throughout the YouTube Roadmap I lay out the strategies you need to get consistent and build momentum over time.  If you’re looking for a get rich quick faceless channel scam then this isn’t the place for you.  

Where do your tips & strategies come from?

I learned all of this from making 100's of videos and posting them on YouTube.  When I started on YouTube I made 200 vlogs and got very small view counts on all of them.  However, I kept going and have spent years studying YouTube and going to every YouTube event to learn what all the top creators are doing to grow their channels.  Along the way I’ve helped many other channels get their foot in the door and start growing and some of these channels have even passed me in subscribers.  I’ll share everything that I know about the platform and you can adapt it to make the channel that fits your brand 


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