A Super Simple A-Z Solution That Teaches You How To Create Videos That People Actually Want to Watch.

The first question I always get asked is, "Why does the quality of my content matter?"  It's simple, high quality content makes people want to watch your video which will turn into dollars in your pocket.  

If you're trying to build a following or sell a product online then you need to stand out.  I've seen too many people spend all their time making awful videos.  Nobody is going to watch your content unless you make it look good.  In this course I teach you everything you need to know to shoot High Quality .   

Learn the exact system that I use to create all of my YouTube content and content for my high paying clients.  Over the last 6 months I've gained 110k+ followers.  I’m able to retain my audience and I'm paying all my bills from my YouTube ad money alone.  

Who is this course for?

  • Content Creators who know that video is essential but have no idea where to start

  • People that don’t want to waste time making sub-par content

  • Those ready to leave their 9-5 and make social media a full time career

In This Training You Will Receive….

My Time Saving Method to create videos from Start to finish

  1. Storytelling and scripting: Look at my process for every video that I create.  Get a new way to approach your content.

  2. How to setup a home studio: Whether you're using an iPhone or you have all the bells and whistles, I show you step by step how to setup your studio anywhere.

  3. How to Vlog: Vlogging is a major style of content that everyone needs to be aware of.  I give you the tips that got meto 110k+ followers on YouTube.

  4. How to Speed Edit: Learn the tricks I use to amp up my workflow and get videos edited fast.

  5. The Building Blocks of Filmmaking: This courses was built for anyone producing content.  From here you'll have a base knowledge that will allow you to continue learning filmmaking skills.


  • A few simple pieces of camera equipment (your Smartphone works)

  • An idea of the type of content you want to produce.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction
    • What video gear to use
    • Important Links for the course
    • Shooting Cheat Sheet
  • 2

    What is the Content You’re Producing

    • What is your Why?
    • What is your Goal?
    • Why is Branding Important
    • How much should you Outline or Script before you shoot.
    • Outline for my video "Light a person using only 1 light"
    • You have to care about your content
    • Basics of How to Tell a Story
    • Link: Climbing Pico De Orizaba
  • 3

    Creating Professional Videos

    • What it takes to make good videos
    • We are going to start with Demos
    • Demo 1 - My Setup
    • Demo 2 - Minimal Setup with iPhone
  • 4

    Shooting Step By Step

    • Step 1 - Check Gear
    • Jeven's Gear List
    • Step 2 - Finding the perfect Background
    • Step 3 - Setup the Camera
    • Step 4 - Background Lighting
    • Step 5 - Camera Settings Overview
    • Step 6 - Lighting Your Subject
    • Step 7 - Audio Placement
    • Step 8 - Audio Levels
    • Step 9 - Do a Test Record
  • 5


    • What is B-Roll
    • The Importance of B-Roll
    • 3 to 1 Ratio
  • 6


    • Intro to Vlogging
    • A few thoughts about Vlogging
    • What gear to use for Vlogging
    • How to Shoot a Vlog
    • How to Edit a Vlog
    • Uploading and Sharing your Vlog
    • What I Learned from 2 years of Vlogging
  • 7

    Next steps

    • Next Steps - Tell me what you want to learn
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
  • 8

    Music For Your Videos

    • Where to get music for your videos
    • ArtList

Student Reviews

It's a great course for learning how to create video content

Kurt Solano

I really liked the way Jeven produced the course. Each video was packed with concise information. Everything was to the point and there were no words wasted....

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I really liked the way Jeven produced the course. Each video was packed with concise information. Everything was to the point and there were no words wasted. There is a lot you will learn after viewing all of the modules from this course. It's a great jumpstart from not knowing how to create a video to creating great quality social media video content.

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Jeven Is A Master At This Stuff

Jade Teta

Been following Jeven for a while now so I knew he was a sharp guy, but this course seriously blew me away. I do a lot of online courses and they are mostly f...

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Been following Jeven for a while now so I knew he was a sharp guy, but this course seriously blew me away. I do a lot of online courses and they are mostly fluff. He wastes no time and teaches you things in 5 minutes that would take someone else twenty. I don't know about you, but I am short on time and want the goods quick. He takes you right into his studio and shows you exactly how to set things up from lighting, to audio, to story telling, to location and the rest. And he shows you how to do it on a camera OR your phone. It's golden. I cant recommend this course highly enough.

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  • I don't really understand how to shoot videos. Will this course help me?

    I take you from A-Z on how to create high quality video content without having a film degree. You'll be a master in no time!

  • Why isn't my YouTube gaining followers very fast?

    As soon as I created a dedicated look for my YouTube channel my following skyrocketed! This course shows you how you can do this for your channel.

  • Can't I just find this information online?

    There is so much content online that I'm sure all of this is somewhere on the web, however, you're going to have to spend a ton of time digging to get it all. Why waste your time when you could be creating your content tomorrow?! I put everything you need to know in a simple step by step format that's quick to digest.

  • I need to put out a video tomorrow. How long until I can start making videos?

    You’ll be able to start making videos as soon as you get through this course. It's only a few hours of content and I lay it out in a way where you can go step by step with me. You can be creating your videos as we go through the course together!

  • Why isn't this course free?

    I want to work with people who are serious about creating high quality video content. I have spent countless hours putting all my knowledge and experience into this course. I need to know you're ready to learn!

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Jeven Dovey

Filmmaker & Youtuber

Jeven Dovey

I am a Filmmaker, YouTuber and World Traveler. Together with my wife Rachel, we circle the globe to seek out the most unforgettable experiences. After graduating from Film School in Los Angeles I took what I learned to start a successful production company. From there I've discovered how Social Media has given creators new career opportunities. I have had great success using my camera and my goal is to teach you to do the same!