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YouTube Growth Academy

This program is a 16 week step by step training course on how to build a successful YouTube channel.  Each week you'll receive a new training and new guidance on how to get your videos seen.  These trainings will help guide your journey so that you don't get lost or confused.

Make Money Selling Stock Footage

My Stock Crash Course teaches you the steps you need to take to start earning an income off of any camera even the one in your smartphone.

  1. Stock Footage Basics: I take you through all the things you need to know to start selling stock footage.
  2. Shooting & Editing For Stock: You'll learn what is sellable and what you should be shooting.
  3. Getting it Sold: We take you through all the steps and how to edit and get your footage online.

Social Media Video Production Bootcamp

If you're trying to build a following or sell a product online then you need to stand out.  I've seen too many people spend all their time making awful videos.  Nobody is going to watch your content unless you make it look good.  In this course I teach you everything you need to know to shoot High Quality Videos.  

Connect With Creators

Included with the bundle is a private facebook group where we will have weekly interactive training calls that dive deeper into topics or do Q&A's with experts.

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